Welcome to Champion Parenting!

Champion Parenting, Inc.

Mission Statement: "Building Leaders for Life" 

Champion Parenting,Inc. is a charitable organization (501(c)3), providing training and support to parents and students, through executive/leadership programs, coaching/mentoring in part or entirely over web-based technologies to promote academic success, community involvement, and life-long learning for students K-12.

Vision Statement: Champion Parenting, Inc. has been specifically designed to empower and encourage both parents & students to become successful starting with preschool through college age. This one stop location for parenting & student assistance is ideal for any family related query parents may have and much more. Solutions to current parent challenges are provided on a weekly parenting blog at: http://championparenting.wordpress.com

Values: Champion Parenting believes in strengthening the bonds among communities, families, and children through education and training, and sharing this knowledge by direct communication, involvement, and teamwork.

Objectives: This champion style parenting movement will embrace parenting education and involvement as the top priority at our local and state level. Every child deserves a right to succeed and become a productive member of our community. This is the challenge Champion Parenting, Inc. will embrace.

Impact on the community: Champion Parenting believes our programs will provide the necessary opportunities for children to succeed and become leaders for life, helping to build a productive community. We have been approved and reviewed by the Community Foundation of Central Florida and are proud to have received Reviewed Status in the Community Foundation's knowledge base. (All donations are tax deductible.)